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A Peril

[a prayer]

No dust or hills change the weight of our scales

But who has measured Your Spirit?

You are who taught us I am

We are idol casters forming shaky foundations

So-called smiths of our own image

Our tears pool like drops in a bucket

How can we abide in you O God?

Our branch is dry, no vine to hold it

You fan our flame

The gift you have given so freely

We are prisoners yes

Held fast with a spirit of power, love, self-control

But longing naught for today's treasures

We will cling to your promises

Will we abide in Your miraculous embrace?

Your children need their King

On our knees we call for Your merciful grace.

Suffering and longing bid us adieu

But still they linger?

I who am a prisoner of His mercy

Stand fast to helm, longing for refuge in the storm


These thoughts rest on my heart tonight. So much is changing and uncertain in this day and age. It may not seem like it, but our prayer is a grim one. My heart longs for the day we can be reunited on the other side of the door where we have always looked from the outside. Until then, I will hope and live the mission I have been called to live even when the world crashes down. I am not hopeless or despairing, but am asking the questions that reinforce my faith in something bigger than myself. Much love to all who have read, my prayer goes out to all.

God Bless,




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